Degree 3rd year English Suggestion 2018

Degree 3rd-year English Suggestion 2018

Degree 3rd year the English Suggestion under the National University of Bangladesh.  This is the compulsory subject for the degree 3rd-year students.  A lot of students will be participating in this examination on 29 November 2018. Many students are searching for degree 3rd-year compulsory English Suggestion on the internet.

English is the difficult subject for the Bangladeshi students because, students of Bangladesh are naturally weak in English.  students are finding Suggestion and hard work to learn English before the examination but not whole yaar it's the nature you know. Degree final year exam is the last exam of NU graduation. It's will Start from 29 November 2018.
Degree 3rd year the English Suggestion


However,   I will share you today the common English Suggestion for the students of degree 3rd year examinee. and I also will publish a short suggestion before the examination. so see the suggestion for the degree 3rd year examinations here and practice more and more. I hope you must be read more and more for the good result. You will be trying hard for the good result in examination.


English Suggestion for the degree 3rd year examinations 2018.

This Suggestion is for only who are looking for National University Degree 3rd Year English Suggestion 2018. So, you just need to do a good result in your final exam. Degree exam suggestion 2018 Collect from here.

English Suggestion for Degree Final Year 2018.

Passage ↪ ** Money can not buy......... happiness.

↪ ** A freedom fighter is............. on the world. ↪ ** Today women are playing important........ brings. ** Climate change is one........ our achievement. ** Today woman are playing important.... income.

* An intellectual is one........... to reveal to other.

* One fascinating benefit..... through the university.

Informal Letter Writing** Write a letter to your younger brother about the bad effects of smoking and advising him not to smoke. ** Your find informing what you would like to do after your graduation.

** Your younger brother advising him to avoid bad company. ➠Formal Letter:

NU Hons 2013, 2014, 2016. Degree 2015, 2014, 2013

Paragraph Writing**Female Education ** Price -Hike.

** Eve-tasing. ** Freedom fighters.

** Tree plantation. ** Food Adulteration. ** Mobile phone. ** Internet

** Facebook. ** A Book Fair. Job Application Writing:** Write an application for the post of sales manager. ** Write an application to the manager of a bank for the post of a junior officer

** Write an application with to the principle of a college for the post of a lecturer. ** Write an application to the director of an information technology company for the post of a system analyst.

Report Writing** Write a report for the press on the save the rivers, save the country. ** An the anti-corruption seminar held in year college.

** On the logging in a different part of Dhaka. ** On the blood donation programme in your locality. ** A terrible dacoity has occurred in a jewelry shop in your town. suppose you are the local correspondent of a national daily. now make a report on it.

➠Dialogue Writing

** Write a dialogue between a salesman and customer,

** Write a dialogue between two friends on watching an interesting TV Programme. ** Write a dialogue between two friends on the necessary of multimedia classrooms. ** Write a dialogue between you and your father about your plan after the degree examination. ➠Poster_Writing

** Corruption ** Drug Addition

** Acid Throwing ** Food Adulteration.

** Eve teasing.

➠Essay Writing

**Freedom fighters ** Patriotism. ** Natural calamities in Bangladesh ** Empowerment of women. ** Tree plantation ** Students of social service. ** Digital Bangladesh. ** World cup football. Advertisement WritingDegree - 2007,2008,2012,2014 Honos 2013, 2016, 2017


Recommendation Recomandation for Degree 3rd year Students.

Many students will afraid before the examination and be  nervous. it's a bad habit for every students. Students have to be strong before the examination. I suggest you don't be afraid before the examination read more and more and which is you read after reading write them one and more time correctly.  so everything will come your control.


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